Building Authority Links – Why is it important?

Building Authority Links - Why is it important?

Authority links are the links from websites that have established a considerable degree of authority and trust with the search engines due to their quality, size, and age. Authority is a subjective concept. None of the search engines, not even Google, offer any public guidelines or reference as to what actually constitutes an authority link or authority site. Authority links bring enormous ranking power to your website if you are lucky enough to secure one or more. On the other hand, authority sites represent established educational and government institutions, leading websites, or large corporations and these sites or organizations will surely become the market-leading sites.

Authority links are very crucial for link building. These links are quite difficult to get, due to this many webmasters do not get them so easily. The best way to get the authority links is to be observant of opportunities and chances to obtain them. But that doesn’t mean that you will have to waste your valuable time in seeking those links out, instead try to achieve something else for your website, which maybe gives you a fruitful result.

This discussion has helped us to understand the concept of the power of various inbound links, and hence we can say that no two links have got the same power. The PageRank of a page where the link appears, the degree of the authority of a site, and the number of outbound links on a page upon which your link appears will definitely affect the relative value of all the links that you obtain.
Hence almost all the links, even the lower value links are worthwhile. Sometimes, there may be some situations where you may have to accept the lower value links in higher volumes. So go for it. Every link is good for your website rankings. Do not always think that high-authority links and high-PageRank links are only worth getting.

Link Anchor Text – the vital concept in Link building

Link anchor text is a set of words that embodies the link’s visible text. These Link Anchor Texts are the “blue underlined text”. The anchor text is a strong ranking factor and helps Google to get and reach the subject and content of the destination page.

4 ways to build authority links that can be valued

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get quality authority links. According to some reports, businesses and sites with a consistent and constant blogging habit can get more than 95% of inbound links. Now if you are a new blogger then you may struggle to get the proper authority links for your blog. Hence you must follow some of the sure-shot techniques to get the right links in the right way to rank higher on Google Search Engine.

Blogging the best of link building

Here are 4 effective ways to get the high-quality incoming authority links:

1. Create Free and Valuable Resources

Here the word “resource” is defined as a source of help or rather a piece of content that provides benefit to the users. Hence creating valuable resources in the form of eBooks, blog posts, videos or whitepapers, short reports will help you in getting traffic that will link to those. You can easily do this by applying a little brain. Find high-quality articles pertaining to your topic and which is related to your blog and then add a link to them. Do not forget to add your own unique style as well. This may surely help you to let your resource page go viral, higher in search rankings, etc.

2. Get Involved in PR techniques

Using PR techniques is very important to position your page for media attention. There are various techniques to get other people who will share your work, and blogging is one such technique that is very effective as well, considering you are consistent. Press release is another technique that can work well too. Once your press release is picked up by the media experts, you can definitely expect that their authority sites will link back to you.

3. Fill the Content Gap

Another effective way to get the authority link is by filling up the content gap. By this, you can reach out to your target audiences, which in turn will help you in achieving people who will talk about you and also link to you.

4. Create Infographics of your data on Trending Topics

Try harnessing visual marketing which will help you in getting the links that you want by creating infographics. Infographics work well when you incorporate reliable data and create the appropriate graphics for your topics.

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