Major Guest Blogging blunders you cannot afford to make

Major Guest Blogging blunders you cannot afford to make
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In the current century, guest blogging is one of the best ways of building links. So, most online marketers have started taking guest posting seriously. If you are new to digital marketing and eager to try your hand at guest blogging, this article is for you.

Before commencing anything new, it is better to research well and learn how to do it right in order to avoid potential losses. Do you know what things you need to keep in mind while guest posting and what mistakes you should never make? Read the complete article to know all about it.

Guest blogging errors you need to avoid

Here are the major guest blogging faults that most newcomers tend to make:

  1. Forgetting being personable- Blog owners often tend to ignore those mails that begin with “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sir.” The reason is obvious. They expect their guests to have some knowledge about their website. So, visit their website, comment on some posts, gather information about the bloggers and write a personalized email mentioning why you want to engage with them.
  2. Not taking directions seriously- When a blogger gives you permission to guest post on his site, make sure you go through the guidelines again and again. Make sure you follow instructions when it comes to submission policies, media size, formatting preferences, link placement, preferences of documents, and word count.
  3. Posting irrelevant content- If you want to post an article on car insurance, is a blog about oral health the right place to share your content? The answer is no. Never submit irrelevant content if you wish to reach your target audience.
  4. Submitting uninteresting content- As a reader, do you enjoy reading several articles on the same, boring subject? For instance, a blog that encourages people to reduce weight already has multiple posts pointing out the necessity of counting calories and exercising. So, if you are to write something for a weight loss blog, come up with something new. Go through the previous posts to find out what they have already posted.
  5. Showing off- You may have immense knowledge on a specific topic. But, it is pointless to assume that all readers will have in-depth knowledge on that topic. If you use too many technical terms, most people will lose interest and skip your article. Also, avoid overuse of similes, metaphors or other figures of speech and write in simple sentences.
  6. Opposing edits- You need not be shocked if the owner of the blog makes some changes in your article. As your article in other blog, the quality of the post reflects both on you as well as on them. So, you have to trust the process of editing for the benefit of both.

Not keeping touch with the blog owner- You should always try to establish long lasting relationships with blog owners. Once your post goes live and reaches the desired audience, thank that blogger for giving you a platform to showcase your talent.

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