SEO techniques to double the search traffic for your website

SEO techniques to double the search traffic
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If you wish to increase brand awareness and visitors to your website, developing a clear understanding of SEO is a must. As per experts, 80 percent of any website’s traffic is generated with a search query. This is the reason why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is of supreme importance.

Remaining on top of the search engine enquires a lot of experimentation and research. Google keeps updating its algorithms frequently. So, it is crucial to remain tuned into recent developments. If all of these difficult works leave you confused, we are here to help you out. Read the complete article to learn how to become an SEO expert.

1. Audit your website- Auditing, in simple words, is a systematic evaluation of a result, an event, or a concept that enables you to know where you stand at present and how you can make smarter choices in future. Auditing the website will help you figure out why you have been failing to get desired number of sales and enough traffic. There are several SEO companies that provide this service. But, it is expensive and doing it yourself will help you save your valuable money.

 2. Find out what users want- Google is not a small advertisement company but a giant data company. They design every platform, device and tool with the sole purpose of getting data from their users and using that data for building a powerful search engine. So, your focus should always be your target customers and what they want. With this in mind, you need to create contents that attract more visitors to your site.

If you are wondering how to find that out, here are some simple ways:

  • With the help of Google Analytics, find out which of your pages have become most popular
  • Take the comments made by visitors on your posts seriously
  • See what type of posts get maximum shares

 3. Create a mobile-friendly website- This is perhaps the most important point: to create a website that is mobile-friendly. More than 60 percent of the internet users prefer surfing the internet from their smart phones. So, if one cannot access your website from a mobile phone, your website can never get the desired traffic.

 4. Say yes to infographics- You can take help of infographics to present complex information in a user-friendly, understandable manner. Since most of the people are visual learners, text articles can never compete with graphics. The best post is one that combines infographic with an in-depth article.

5.  Post useful content on social networking sites- If you are new to blogging, it can be challenging to be on top of the search engine results because your Page Authority and Domain Authority are extremely low. However, there is no need to feel depressed about it. What you can do is post interesting articles on social media sites for gaining traffic and credibility. Try to write on a trending topic to grab the attention of readers instantly.

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