Some Helpful Ways of using Pinterest for Your Blog

Some Helpful Ways of using Pinterest for Your Blog
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This is the era of creativity, of showcasing your talents online. Blogging is one of them as it provides us with the platform to explore our writing capabilities. However, writing a good blog post is not enough. One must promote it properly in order to reach maximum number of audience. Here comes social media to help. Pinterest is a really amazing platform that can be used to get more viewers for your blog post. These tips might help to drive the crowd from Pinterest to your blog:

Get a blog board:

The easiest way for driving your followers to your blog post is to organize all your blog posts on a blog board. Keep these points in mind:

  • Keep the title same as the original site of the blog.
  • Include a brief summary of the post
  • Include a direct link that can redirect the viewers to the original blog post.
  • Break multiple blog posts into different boards to increase the visibility of your posts.

It’s all about images:

Pinterest is equivalent to visual appeal. In other words, it is like a glossy magazine full of beautiful, vibrant pictures. That is why; you need to play along too. The technique is to draw the attention of the followers using this visual appeal and then redirect them to the blog post to read your articles.


Like any other social media handle, constant engagement with the followers is the main mantra for Pinterest. Here are some tips to stay engaged:

  • Original contents go a long way. Also pins get popular when they are on relevant topics.
  • Consistency is the way to be always present on your followers’ feeds.
  • Observe the boards of your followers in order to get the idea of what they like.

Stay easy to find:

Make sure your pins have good visibility. Check the setting to make sure whether public search engines are allowed to find your pins or not. You can also use relevant keywords for the purpose of description.

Up for a contest?

Contests have high engagement value. In order to drive more traffic directly to your blog, you can create such contests on your blog. Don’t forget to pin it on a separate board on Pinterest.

Feature the writers:

Connections get more real on social media when people know the faces associated with every article. In order to do that, dedicate a separate Pinterest board to feature all the writers of your blog. These boards may contain-

  • Short biography of the author
  • A decent photograph
  • Relevant, catchy quotes from the blog post.

This helps creating the illusion of connection among your followers with the authors and makes them eager to read more.

Don’t forget to ‘Pin it’:

It is like the share button on Facebook. This button allows your readers to share the post with their followers and in the process helps you get a broader audience.

As Pinterest offers a diverse and wide range of readers, one can use it to increase followers on the blog by using these simple tricks.

S N Chatterjee
Author: S N Chatterjee

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