Step-by-step guide for amateur guest bloggers

Step-by-step guide for amateur guest bloggers
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Guest posting is one of the best online marketing techniques at present. If you have made up your mind to try your luck at guest posting, we assure you that you have done the right thing. Even if initially you feel clueless and disheartened, do not lose your focus.

Steps to follow for excellent guest blogging

Here are the main steps that you need to follow dedicatedly for effective guest posting:

  1. Realize your goals- Realization of goals is a must in order to progress in a particular direction. Once you know who your target audience is, which websites you want to connect with, and how you wish to proceed, your job becomes easier.
  2. Identify relevant sites- Connecting with any random site will simply be a waste of time and energy. Suppose you have written an article on the benefits of drinking water in the morning. Does posting this article on a website focusing travel packages make any sense? The answer is no. On the contrary, you need to connect with sites that deal with human health.
  3. Try to connect with site owners- Your aim should be to bond with reputable bloggers and maintain long lasting relationships with them. Visit their website and go through their contents to gain in-depth knowledge about their work.
  4. Choose an alluring topic- The internet is full of interesting things to watch and see. So, nobody would like to waste time reading a boring post. Make sure that your topic is one such that immediately grabs the attention of readers. If they can relate to your post, nothing can stop them from liking, commenting and sharing your post.
  5. Work the bio- The best part about guest posting is that you can link back to the website of yours and thus, gain more followers. Just add a link to the homepage of your website somewhere in your article to invite visitors.
  6. Write original content- Once a blogger accepts your pitch it is time for you to start writing your guest post. If you have been given the chance to write something for a site, make sure you impress them so that they give you more chances in the future. Some tips are usage of simple sentences, easy words, subheadings, lists, bold texts and correct format.
  7. Promote your article- One of the main areas of guest blogging is promotion of content. There’s no point writing an excellent article if it fails to reach the desired audience. So, take advantage of all means you have to promote your content.
  8. Post more amazing contents- One guest post is not enough to reach your goals. You should keep writing many good articles to keep your readers engaged and most importantly, increase your online presence, ensuring more sales.
  9. Keep track of your success- Once you do everything right, you also need to find out if your strategy is working or not. You can take help of Google Analytics to measure the success of your site.

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