Easy Ways to Boost up Social Media Engagements

Social Media Engagements

We are in the second decade of the twenty-first century- the age of social media. It is not anymore the innocent place for interactions only but the place for business. That is why; brands are using social media platforms to reach more buyers every second.

However, it is not enough only to be there but the key is to more and more engagement. Regular interactions can be very beneficial for business. Here are some strategies that might be helpful:

Post Images:

It is a proven fact that visual contents are more appealing to the spectators. According to many reports, incorporating images in a post can increase the engagement rate by 85%. The numbers of shares also get increased by 35% when there is a visual content in a Facebook post. This is true for other social media platforms like Twitter etc. The fact is, social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchats are building upon this concept of visual appeal.

Be aware of the ways how your post would look best on different platforms and play a little with filters or frames. There, you are all set to go.

Funny is the new cool:

Social media is a noisy place where one has to shout over everyone else’s voice in order to grab the attention. Even followers of one brand can pass through typically promotional posts or stories. That is why; one easy way to get attention is to make the post look funny. However, one must follow the basic rules of light-hearted humor as fun directed at other brands can lead up to a lot of complications. Engage in light-hearted, creative and innocent fun and your post can get a lot of engagements from the viewers.

Engage more by asking for feedback:

The best way to get the followers talking is to engage them in conversations. Simply asking for their feedback and reviews can boost up the engagement up to many times. However, one must be aware of the basic rules here. For example, giving rewards in exchange for feedback is against the policies of many social media platforms. One can just get them talking by asking about the product in order to improve the service.

Share Statistics:

True, social media is the place to have some fun and the place to release stress. However, there are some users who are very much interested to learn and get educated more and more. In fact, this is the general tendency. One can use this in their favor in order to capture more attention of the followers by sharing facts and statistics that they didn’t know before.

The tool of live video:

As declared previously, visual contents are way more appealing and this appeal is even better when the visual medium gets incorporated with audio. Yes, talking about the video here. Studies show, most of the interactions come from posts involving videos. One can use influencers to use this tool more effectively.

In this article, I am sharing my experience on the most popular social media platform that is very useful marketing tool in 2020.

Let me start using Pinterest for Your Blog

This is the era of creativity, of showcasing your talents online. Blogging is one of them as it provides us with the platform to explore our writing capabilities. However, writing a good blog post is not enough. One must promote it properly in order to reach the maximum number of audiences. Pinterest is a really amazing platform that can be used to get more viewers for your blog post. These tips might help to drive the crowd from Pinterest to your blog:

Get a blog board:

The easiest way for driving your followers to your blog post is to organize all your blog posts on a blog board. Keep these points in mind:

  • Keep the title the same as the original site of the blog.
  • Include a brief summary of the post
  • Include a direct link that can redirect the viewers to the original blog post.
  • Break multiple blog posts into different boards to increase the visibility of your posts.

It’s all about images:

As I discussed above! Pinterest is equivalent to visual appeal. In other words, it is like a glossy magazine full of beautiful, vibrant pictures. That is why; you need to play along too. The technique is to draw the attention of the followers using this visual appeal and then redirect them to the blog post to read your articles.


Like any other social media handle, constant engagement with the followers is the main mantra for Pinterest. Here are some tips to stay engaged:

  • Original contents go a long way. Also, pins get popular when they are on relevant topics.
  • Consistency is the way to be always present on your followers’ feeds.
  • Observe the boards of your followers in order to get the idea of what they like.

Stay easy to find:

Make sure your pins have good visibility. Check the setting to make sure whether public search engines are allowed to find your pins or not. You can also use relevant keywords for the purpose of description.

Up for a contest?

Contests have high engagement value. In order to drive more traffic directly to your blog, you can create such contests on your blog. Don’t forget to pin it on a separate board on Pinterest.

Feature the writers:

Connections get more real on social media when people know the faces associated with every article. In order to do that, dedicate a separate Pinterest board to feature all the writers of your blog. These boards may contain-

  • A short biography of the author
  • A decent photograph
  • Relevant, catchy quotes from the blog post.

This helps to create the illusion of connection among your followers with the authors and makes them eager to read more.

Don’t forget to ‘Pin it’:

It is like the share button on Facebook. This button allows your readers to share the post with their followers and in the process helps you get a broader audience.

As Pinterest offers a diverse and wide range of readers, one can use it to increase followers on the blog by using these simple tricks.

Next! is all about Facebook Likes

People, in general, live now in the virtual world. Due to all this, the industry of business is growing faster than ever-revolving all the social media applications. Facebook is no exception. Even though Facebook offers a really broad audience (2 billion users), there are almost 60 million other Facebook pages to compete with. Due to all these, it is necessary to use creativity and understand the demands of the viewers first. Here are some tips that might help get more Facebook likes:

Understand your audience:

Having a clear idea of the target audience is helpful. Appeasing all the billions of users is an impossible task. The clever thing is to understand the value audience that can be proved beneficial for your business. Understanding your audience will help you mold your posts and in the process increase the number of likes for your Facebook page.

Mark the competition:

Keeping an eye on your competitors is always helpful as it provides you with techniques that work. Also, observing their mistakes you can avoid committing them.


The truth is, Facebook page is all about crafting and presentation. Not only your page has to look good, but it also should contain great posts continuously. Here are some suggestions for that purpose:

  • The pragmatic thing to do is to use every single element of the about section because this is the place where people scan for the business details of the page. It should be brief yet detailed- containing contact information and short biodata of the company. Using this section properly helps one build the credibility of the page even more which is a must in business.
  • Visual impressions are necessary and that’s why choosing profile and cover photos are helpful to create that impression. In the case of a Facebook business page, it is wise to use the logo of the company as the profile picture. However, one can get more and more innovative regarding the cover.
  • Creating a cover video is also in trends right now. I have a better impact on the viewers.
  • Pin your most popular post on the top of your feed.

Stay easy to find:

This is the basic rule to get more likes because only with more and more visibility a page can get most likes. Here are some helpful strategies for the purpose:

  • Select a page name that can be discovered easily.
  • Maintain consistency regarding your username. This helps your followers from other social handles to follow you easily.
  • Surely add Facebook follow or like buttons on your page so that people can stay connected with your page.

Promote yourself:

Have you got a good number of followers on other social channels? Utilize it. Cross-promote all the Facebook content on the other social handles you use. Sharing a mere link is not enough, share a properly presentable post so that people can appreciate the value of your Facebook page.

So, these are some easy tips to increase the likes for your Facebook page. What are you waiting for?

Next to Instagram Bio!

Here are the ways to Decor an Instagram Bio

Instagram is now growing faster than ever for its business potential. Brands and influencers are using the potential of this social media application to the fullest to promote their content and reach more people every minute. Now, what is the first thing that grabs our attention on Instagram? The Instagram bio not only gives a clear idea of the brand or profile but also gives valid reasons to the new visitors to follow the account. One must get innovative to present themselves best in the limited space. Here are some tips:

A touch of personality:

As the introduction to every new visitor, the bio should not be monotonous. A personal touch makes it look more real and helps build trust among followers. This is the place where you may give some catchy basic information about your brand and the vision in general. You might want to add special skills and clarify what kind of business you run.

Hashtags go a long way:

Instagram is the world of hashtags for it becomes easy to connect with tagged content using this feature. Having a branded Instagram hashtag helps a lot too. It draws the attention of the viewers and makes it easy to redirect interested people to various user-generated products. Using hashtag makes it easier for a brand in the sharing process as well.

If you have a sub-brand or any other account then linking that profile via hashtag is also good for the business.

Get an emoji display:

The role of an emoji is to say more within limited space. That is why just one character emoji has the ability to tell more than mere words. One can play with the emojis with describe key details of the brand or the account.

Apart from this factor, the presence of the emoji makes the feed look more colorful and refreshing.

Take up space:

The online world and especially social media are extremely noisy. People are impatient here and that is why they do not have much time reading. They scan every profile for information chunk which can easily give them the whole idea. That is why; it is necessary and almost mandatory to use line breaks and space to engage more people with your feed.

Custom fonts:

Using different, vibrant fonts is also very much in trend. Apart from giving your bio a stylish and trendy look it also helps highlight certain aspects of your bio according to your wish.

Call for action:

Finally, attaching a link to the official website for your brand is very helpful. Only in the bio section of Instagram, one can attach a direct link which can be used by users to get redirected to the official website. After reading the bio, people will want to take a look at your feed and your business. Provide them with that opportunity.

To sum it up, Instagram’s bio is the backbone of the profile giving a general idea of the profile to the users. Keeping it creative and innovative helps a lot but the main mantra is to keep it changing and updating with time.

If this article has clearly described things then I would love to hear back from you. Just leave a comment below and I will also appreciate your suggestion. Read my other article on Search Engine Ranking Factor 2020

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