Guest Blogging: Basics to Know Before you go for it

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a process used by bloggers to increase blog traffic. In this method bloggers usually write posts and the same is published on someone else’s blogs. This method work in either of the two ways:

  • The other person writes a post that appears on your blog.
  • You write a post that appears on the other person & blog.

While using the guest blogging concept you must be beware as many bloggers use this method as a way of building links to their blogs.

Guest posts can’t be published just to insert links to another website. This is simply discouraged by the search engines. Google even penalizes many sites if they use guest posting as an SEO link building method.

Determine the goal for your guest blogging

Let us first understand how to determine the goal for your guest blogging. Once you know your goal and that also ahead of time you can determine the kind of blogs where the guest posts ahs to be submitted. Given below are typically three main goals for doing this.

  1. Position yourself as a well-known and familiar name in the blogging industry and be the
  2. Try getting exposure to your site thereby increasing traffic to your website.
  3. Build backlinks for your website.

But above all, you must have quality content for your blogs. Once you achieve in creating quality contents you can do all the three things mentioned above. For accomplishing either of the first two goals, you must find blogs with an engaged and good-sized audience. And for accomplishing
the third goal you should pinpoint the blogs with strong domain authority. It is always beneficial to know your goals in advance. This will help you to determine the kind of blog best suited for the submission of the guest blog post.

Guest Blogging – How does it work?

Let us now understand how guest blogging works.

Guest Blogging: How does it work

Guest blogging basically follows different scenarios. The first and foremost scenario is the one when an editor of a quality blog identifies your expertise in the subject and allows you to create a guest blog for his/her website. If you live up to the expectation of the blogger and help the website get lots of traffic, then the blogger may promote your guest blog on various social media sites to grab millions of readers for your guest posts.

In the second scenario the guest bloggers have to come up with unique and exceptional ideas, need to pitch those ideas to the editor of a blog, and if the ideas get accepted, then they need to send an article based on the idea to the magazine. In this scenario, a blogger may work as a
freelance writer, who can publish their articles to any of the traditional magazines. Given below are the steps that should be followed by guest bloggers if they want to pitch and approach for their unsolicited posts to any editor:

Look for reputed and good magazines: Being a quality freelance writer you must research for good magazines that are reputed, accept guest blogs, and publish posts similar to your ideas. This will make your guest blog publishing easier and will help you earn more traffic.

Contact the editor: For a blog that does not offer step-by-step guidelines to pitch your guest blogs, contact the editor to ask whether he accepts guest blogs or not. Introduce yourself, explain about your company and your qualifications, to let him a little familiar with you, and seek permission to pitch your idea. If accepted submit your well-written idea.

Wait for the approval: Editors usually receive many pitches and ideas from many guest bloggers. You may have to wait for a few weeks or so. If you are lucky enough or your pitch the suitable one for him/her then you may get a call from him/her, otherwise, resubmit your old idea or approach for a new one.

Submit your guest post: Once approved, send the guest post in the same format as given by the editor. Always submit posts on time. The editor may ask you to make some changes as and when required, and you must do it accordingly to meet the requirement of the blog.

Publish your post: Once your post is submitted publish your post. Understand the editor’s requirement about posting your guest blog, which means when the blog is meant to be posted. If you are pitching any regional festival-related idea, then you must go for festivals that are supposed to occur in the next 2-3 months.

Well, These are all the basics you should know before you go for guest blogging. If you wanted to publish your first guest post then start right here with us. We always appreciate writers to share their knowledge

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